Test IX

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Author Wizard2
Tags author:wizard2 featured puzzle rated test
Created 2010-11-18
Last Modified 2010-11-18
by 14 people.
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Description AGD is impossible.

This map was featured on 2013-05-16

Have you ever wondered why E-tiles are named after the letter E? For me, the answer "because it's the key used to place them" is not enough. Why, specifically, is it this letter of the alphabet?

Moving on. When I think about Wizard's maps, there are three or four categories jump to mind: DDAs, retiles, conceptual races and E-tile puzzle-ish jumpers. With this last category, he is a genius. It is through great technical skill and knowledge, and through exquisite delicacy and meticulousness, that he is able to create such remarkable maps.

You want E-tiles? Here, have some. — zoasBE

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España está en Europa.
of the first song on the first album by they might be giants

Just a quick reminder that annoying, childish and spammy comments on featured maps that concern themselves primarily with criticizing choice and subjective opinion won't be tolerated.

E is

• most common letter in english
• (e) is base of natural log
• entirety


This map is not long. It is not punitive. It does not require (but rewards) ridiculous precision. A perfect mix for a hard jumper. What, exactly, is nooby about it?

Also, Leonhard's jumpers seem pretty unique and inspired, although you could probably just feature one to bring attention to the lot.

cool but,

I think they used 'Q-W-A-S' as commands to place things in Ned, so, then the next keys in a (at least) QWERTY keyboard are E and D, and they used them to place full and empty tiles respectively. Simple as that. :P
Back in Ancient N-landia, Mare and Raigan, the powerful rulers, decided to hold a contest among the low-class peasants and workers to decide the best written symbol to be used for the future "base" tile, a solid grey tile that had four sides.
So they split the ninja-peasants into groups of eight, and made them draw in a sand pit a symbol that should be used to classify the solid tiles. One group drew a clump of straight lines in the sand, that looked like this:
At the time when it was drawn, a serpent shot out of the sand, scaring the workers, who shouted "EeeEEEeEE!" in fright. M&R were amazed by the symbol, and by the sound that the ninja-workers made. From then on, the most prized tile would be called the "ee" tile, and would be shaped E.
The End.
wow I cant believe I came up with that on the spot XD
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zoas there is a deep reason for the name e-tiles you know
but it's a huge secret

thank you trance. You are able to explain things better than me.
although I have no idea why it is featured...

with the great and intense help of ardee. <3

I can't

I just can't


that after 200000+ maps, this hasn't been done.

wny does you

make the gold impossible?
And wow, 5 ninjas from mc_george. You pretty much never see him do that.

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5 ninjas.

Perfect execution. Definitely one of the best puzzles I've played in a long while.
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faved for later

I gave up ):

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How to

get to the second floor:
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