The Legend of the Mine Jumper

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny featured hard minejumper playable rated
Created 2010-09-09
Last Modified 2010-09-09
by 26 people.
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Description This is so hard, that i'm giving out a userbar to everybody who completes this, to show that you are one of the best minejumpers out there. Only sucessful completions submitted to nreality will be accepted for the userbar.

This map was featured on 2011-05-04

Becoming more than oneself, becoming legendary, is a dream many share.

The Legend of the Mine Jumper by _destiny^- is something of a legend in my books. It is a tale of an epic map that provides exciting, repeatable game play for those behind the keys on their keyboard. As with all heroes, there are multiple choices to be made, but in the end there is only one result: a clear, sweet victory to boast about to the masses when you return home. But you can’t boast yet, you still have a journey to complete young one… — im_bad_at_N

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Sub-2000 AGD

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I finally got it. Sorry for the /huge/ delay. ;_;

I still found the 4th chamber hard as hell and to a lesser extent, the 2nd one. I've gotten the routes for the 1st and 3rd chambers down pat. Still a 5/5 from me.
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It is fine.
"lol this getting featured"

quote maxson

"Oh look, more trolling on the featured map."

I don't see it as trolling.

seriously and true

two days ago, I'm thinking in this map as a Featured!
I don't believe!

That third column was the coolest thing ever.
but I agree with outright, this is not featuring material, you have better maps right back.

Ya baby!

Completed in as random order as possible. Now to beat golfkid.. later. Well made destiny, congratz.
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seriously lol

This map is

harder than me right now.
for being so hard

but it's really well made, so 4.5^
However, while it was a good challenge completing this map, I don't feel it's feature material. After a while, as many of us highscorers may have experienced, it becomes very vexing, if anything. Also, it's clearly not as wonderfully developed as some other maps made by Destiny; it works fine, but it's built pretty much for challenge only.

Don't get me wrong man, I do like this map. I just don't think it's feature material is all.

Oh crud.

I'll still stand by my promise, but that's ok.

i was just looking at this yesterday and I thought it had a lot of comments :D congrats destiny!!

well done.

you just reminded 1211 that he had to finish this map.
and i was going to say, unlucky for destiny that he will have to make lots of userbars, but then i saw his post.
and i am glad i managed to complete this without fbf, ah good times.

and gratz on the feature destiny



Absolutely deserved.
I lost both Photoshop and the template that i'd made for it, so sorry on that account :(

Thanks for the feature iban ^^

lol this totally deserves getting featured

lol this getting featured

lol this getting featured

lol this getting featured

Guess what?

I finally beat this thing. I guess I'm not bad at N anymore :D
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Some day . . .

I'll finish it.
I got the first three pipes, but the 4th one is hard beyond all belief. Gave it a 5 because it's an awesome and it just deserves it. Good job!


AGD on NReality. It isnt fast, I know.
Great map, I really like it.

I hope I still can get that awesome userbar ;D
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i still love it


second slowest on nreality
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this was sweet, wish it could be in sensei

thanks destiny :D

you are most generous.

Improved, but i still suck :P
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I fall in love with this map! Because i'm trying it for hours but i never got boring of it.

AGD (also on nreality):
Demo Data

its kinda hard......but its possible..:) :P
Should have it at some point today ^^
why golfkid, why? At least now it's only 8 seconds :P
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Fastest on NReality by 10 seconds, and so close to being under 2000 frames. Looking forward to seeing how the userbar looks. :)
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