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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace race rated thwumpmechanics
Created 2010-07-24
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 11 people.
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Description I feel better about this race than a lot of my recent ones :)

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so good

5aved from me

thats really cool

& creative
-corner hit but not stop
-corner edge launch
-inside-thwump boost
-thwump cannon
-thwump combo edge launch


I kinda abandoned that whole thunder thing. This is a cool race but I suck at races so I can't do it.


I'm glad you all liked it. Your advice is noted. And its not even close to everything with thwumps ;)


dude that was genious
that upper right corner was just brilliant
I cant eaven get started..

/cool/ mechanics

you did like everything possible with those thwumps. the start was annoying and difficult though. 4

agreed with destiny

ibam: race chimney master

Oh I should mention

I hate the jump start. Try to avoid those.
There's a lot of originality and inventiveness here, and for that I like it. The top left corner through to the chimney was really good, but I felt that bottom right area was a little sub-standard. The final chimney won me over in the end though ^^

Demo Data

Too hard

but it's really original. 4.

This is amazing

5aved ! But soo hard for me... :p


I just pretty much saved your map from going onto the next page.


This is a magnificent race map.
The only down side to it is that...'s too hard for me.
All I can do is pretty much watch the demos.

But I won't fave it 'cause I can't pass it.

Oh yeah :P

At the start, hold right and jump before pressing "p". Then right before you hit the thwump let go of jump and repress it to jump off the thwump. Bit tricky, sorry :/

And keep going! you'll get the hang of it :)


i got to here..
Demo Data

I watched your demo

And blew my mind a second time.
And @myth, you need to jump first. Using Nreality, just hold jump and press space straight off. Then jump off the twump quickly. Easy done.


That east-noeth-east corner blew my mind, and my ninja.


sub-800 seems possible. ;)
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