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Author spiker5
Tags action author:spiker5 collaboration featured rated rocket
Created 2010-07-26
Last Modified 2010-07-26
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description = rocket_thumped + spiker

This map was featured on 2010-08-23

Rockets and bounceblocks. Next!

Oh, wait. It's the vanilla flavor we've always loved, but done better, and smarter. Our two brave collaborators have instructed the bounceblocks to make themselves sparse, throwing a mere six in the air to provide some type of support from two dueling rockets. It's subtle, but you have to plan ahead here; this wonderful exercise in restraint carries extra challenge and wait with the things it omits. — Onesevennine

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the launch pads are super awesome

Could be better.



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i liked the element of.. "oh, i could do this" that revealed itself all over the map, esp with the 2 launch pads, and the 2 small chimneys near the floor

Nice review 179

It was very descriptive and interesting all the way through. Decent map too, though I still agree with mahi's comment.

it was fun. although i did die a lot but i'd chalk that up to poor N skiils not the difficulty. tiles were cool as well, 4/5
reserved a spot in the Queue for the day they plan to announce the results, and just reviewed it right then and there.
but methinks the map plays similar to this one:


Agreed with squibs

4aved this map previously.

What's with Headache feature?


it's a great map, yeah, however I wouldn't call it a bounceblock-rocket jumper. There are just so many more elements to it than that. :/


you are my favorite reviewer ever


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Agree w/ mahi

Welcome back

I spent a while

trying to find a faster route than this, but there appeared to be none.
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That was good fun. Perfect challenge.
Demo Data

Liked this too. Gold wasn't quick to grab, but worth it for the fun of leading the rocket on.

I like it a lot

Bounceblock/gold placement is near perfect. and i like how far away the bounceblocks are at that--requires real planning.

4aved. going for agd now.

very messy

and haphazard. but the gameplay is not bad at all.