Civilian Rescue 4: To the Rescue Ship!

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Author Dex22
Tags author:dex22 playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-11-29
Last Modified 2005-11-29
by 8 people.
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Description The 4th Civilian Rescue is here! Since I've used shelters on the bottom and sides of the level, now there is a rescue ship at the top of the level where the shelters are.

The point of the game is not to get to the door as fast as possible, just so you know. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! (it may be confusing)

Basic Instructions: Get as many civilians (drones) in the shelters as possible by attracting them through the hole in the bottom and then using the spring on the side to exit. The shelters are now re-usable!!! But FIRST before you can rescue anybody you have to free them from the buildings where they are being held hostage. Once you get as many civilians as you can, go to the top where you started and exit.

IMPORTANT: You have to use the elevators (thwumps) to get to into the shelters.

There is about to be an attack on your village! You must lead the paranoid and hostile civilians (zap drones) into the shelters at the top of the level. Try to see how many civilians you can get into the shelters. When you are done go up to the top where you started and exit the level.

Score: 1 point per drone at end of game.

By the way I havent seen any demos for any of the previous Civilian Rescue games i would really like to see them! Please rate!

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I rated this one lower than I meant... my bloody mouse is running out of batteries...

Could the 6th person to rate this map please rate it one higher than they would otherwise? Thanks.


It's awesome except for the Chainguns and the somewhat over-the-top amount of Zaps.