Under Wurld

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue muse unrated
Created 2010-06-08
Last Modified 2010-06-08
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Description For muse.

Hidden traps are hinted by a repeated symbol.

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when looking over muse maps. it's fantastic. AGD
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izzy said. (A TEAM GO)


has led us ("A-Team") to you. Yanni thinks we should ask you for the USABLE CHEATS, or the whereabouts of the CREATURE that MUST DIE (if at all relevant).

Oh yeah, speedrun.
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first try

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this one is my favorite.


I love atob he is my God.

this is amazing

I looked at it in edit mode and thought 'this looks way below atob's standards.' The execution is incredible though. Faved

Sorry minty

but the review /is/ a checklist in this context.

And you picked the easiest point to be lax with, not every corner needs to be covered but every other aspect I mention does or you leave out a major link.

Your muse map is a good map, just not a great interpretation of the review.

Of course, the judges could be thinking differently and no doubt probably will.


that was all a thinly veiled check out my muse map post.

You can be /too/ literal over some of these points. Like you don't need to place an enemy around every corner, despite that seemingly being stated in the review.

I'm not trying to suggest that you accuse people of these kinds of problems, just that the review in not (definitively) a checklist, and some kind of license should be (imo) allowed regarding certain points. I mean, heck, most reviews in this style attribute maps with features they just don't contain.
I'm glad that you also submitted a non-reality map. The bounceblock thing you used in the previous maps fitted the theme perfectly, but it got a bit old for me.
The slide between the first and the second room is probably the best thing I've ever seen here. Really, that was superb.
The bounceblock glitch in the first room slowed me down a bit, but I don't think that's really a big problem, since you're only getting started anyway (although after several runs I couldn't be bothered to get the gold anymore)
My only complaint is that it get's pretty predictable after a while (the hidden traps), but the enemies are also pretty limited so I don't think much more would be possible.

I'd say you did a great job, and I'll be disappointed too if I see that the judges don't agree with the whole fit-the-review thing. Faved
"A journey"

"It starts off - your ninja treading softly through lonely halls"

"Around every corner lurks a dead machine"

"every room a trap waits to be sprung"

Soon there is no turning back"

"As you ascend through the twisted ruins, you realize that this journey is far from over. The story is only beginning."

So no, my interpretations are not /too/ literal. If you don't cover all of these points you really haven't done a good job.

That's imo, anyway, and I'm not on the panel, but I'll be disappointed if they don't agree with that.


I'm not being defensive, but how is this too literal?

There's no other way to take it, the review is /far/ to specific. Taking it any other way and you lose at least one major 'sense' that the review conveys.

There really is no room for metaphorical interpretation with what they gave us, as is clear from the many attempts so far that feel nothing like the atmosphere the review conjures.

i agree with mahi

though a lot of people aren't taking it literally enough, too.


I think I'm one of the only ones who's taking it literally enough.


i think you're taking this review too literally.

agd - 1

not too bad, not your best muse submission, but still very enjoyable
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Yes it does.

You reach the exit but realise that there's still quite a way to go.
but "The story is only beginning." doesn't realy fit ^^

pretty cool

hidden enemies with a tag to prepare for them...
I love the concept.
Excellent map ! :)


this future prediction will happen in 2015!

I'm not really a fan of this, like it's good and clever, but I suppose I don't like how broken the play is. Like the two tedious bits of gold at the start, having to wait for the thwumps, that sort of thing. But I guess it's just me liking more actiony maps.
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There, cool :) Playing now...

And let me guess...

You forgot to reset the ninja?


Should be fixed now.


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