Beautiful People

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Author spudzalot
Tags 200 action author:spudzalot featured playable rated trees
Created 2010-04-16
Last Modified 2010-04-16
by 22 people.
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Description 200th map!

This is one of my favorite maps that I have made recently. If you look at the forest right it looks like the top triangles are trees that are farther away. I lurve is so much! :D

RCE and such.

This map was featured on 2010-10-17

Have any of you ever seen a photo of the famous castle built by that crazy Bavarian guy back circa the 1100s? I can't not picture that castle whenever I come back to this map, which is quite impressive given the medium of expression is a small, mostly gray square.

In Beautiful People, spudz has created a microcosmic, evocative world that calls to mind snow-beset Alpine slopes and picturesque Gothic architecture. Additionally, the map's gameplay fits perfectly the style and artistry of the tileset. — flagmyidol

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Many mapmakers would have left the left section just free-form but I love how you structured it here. Really nice work, the structure and the aesthetic really complement each other.
called "Fuck Beautiful People". Hurrr. Will play this soon.
don't know how it happened


the scenery is immense


the scenery is immense

som1 help .

how do i i get these maps im on a mac so i dont know if it works differently but id like to try out these new maps :]
congrats spudz :)


Thanks a bunch flag. <3

And tunco I made this map listening to that song. One of the few I really like from Manson.


No joke, I played this map for 6 hours to get this demo.
Demo Data


Marilyn Manson?

Mm. More like Dracula's dark forest and castle.

I had faved this.

Great choice.

One of the coolest maps I've ever seen. Thanks for making it.

Oh my gosh, you are right. This would have been an amazing ghosty map. D:

This could have been a cool ghosty map. ^^

I dig the tiles, but they could have been used better for sure.


So much dude.

They are. :3

Also... beautiful map. Fantastic idea! ^-^

Hey there spudz.

I just played through AA again and it was pretty incredible. It's been a while dude, we should collaborate!
I'm kinda dry right now, so I haven't done much else :x
I really had to have a go.

space and the woods []

Thanks a bunch everybody. :D

It looks best

if you focus your eyes on the left part of the castle. Great looking map you got here spudz!


Hungarian castle.

This is truly an excellent, innovative tileset.

Trees are fantastic, but it's too hard for me. 5aved though!


which bites back. On the tooth.

Happy bicentenary.

This is delightful. Like a croissant.
Really really lovely. GREAT use of trees, as mentioned. No time to play now, but fav'd for the aesthetics alone.

Will play later.


Demo Data

At last trees of merit!


This map has so many kinds of awesome.

i gave up, but i'll be back
Demo Data
For best use of trees.

Incidentally, I hope that actually becomes a Dronie category.



Good shit. Tiles and game-play.

Well Peanuts, you dont get the joy of hopping through the forest if you do it that way. D;

And thanks everyone. :D

The 3D tiles..

That must have taken a lot of effort. Amazing job.
And the gameplay is sweet, too. I'll give you a 4.5 rounded up.