Ancient Pathways

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Author BlueFlare
Tags author:blueflare rated test
Created 2005-11-22
by 7 people.
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Description Navigate the ancient pathways and venture as deep as you dare. Bravery will be greatly rewarded...

All demos welcome.

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7:00 - Started playing this map

7:06 - Got to top level... hit the last bloody launchpad.

7:07 - Finally got through first part. Starting second part.

7:08 - FREAKIN DIED!!!!!

7:09 - Got three levels down second row, died via mine.

7:11 - Beginning to plot Vendetta against last launchpad on first column

7:13 - Gave up, watched demo.

Year 2105 - Wrote review on map.

Very good map!!!!! I love frustrating crap. I'm giving this 5/5 easy.
Well done.

First All gold

Finally!! I beat this level and got all the gold. This time it just took me forever to get out of the chamber in the lower right hand corner and a little while on the left side again. I also got really nervous at the end! You can compare my two replays and see how much better I got on certain parts of the level, except this time I beat it eventually. This is one of my favorite levels ever! Awesome map.
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I would have to agree aries, the section on the left is quite relaxing. Once you fall you go all the way down :)

very close...
So much. I include of a demo of me getting about there and half way back. I also try to get those jumps on the left hand side of the map for about 2-3 minutes. And after I finally get it, I die a little later. I hate you. Watch the whole thing, you sadistic people.
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