Lunar Boarding

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Author BlueFlare
Tags author:blueflare rated test
Created 2005-08-14
Last Modified 2005-08-15
by 5 people.
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Description Break out of your cell, deactivate the automated defences and escape via the supply ship.


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Mostly Fixed...

The bottom one-way door is intentional, but the top one is now fixed.

About the bouncy block killing you - I have no idea how to fix that...

What he said...


A few things...

1. You can bypass both sets of one- way doors... see my demo...
2. You can only survive getting into the ship (survive the bounce blocks) after you've been up, and died, once before.

Which sucks, because otherwise, you have a brilliant level.

(Sorry if they're intentional "bugs"... if so, please tell me!)
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