2 ninja 1 cup

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob playable puzzle rated teleporter
Created 2009-12-18
Last Modified 2009-12-19
by 22 people.
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Description You guys better enjoy this: This is an old-skool evil bob puzzle for you. I think it's decently fresh.

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NOTE: If the teleporter kills you, it means you have done the puzzle incorrectly and is 100 percent intentional. thanks.

All gold is the only real challenge!!!

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i think i got it...

555/5 faved, you are da best mann!!!
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Thanks magirocker !

Yeah I was satisfied with this map. I keep thinking there's no innovation left to be mined from this game and keep being wrong. :p

Especially after looking at the dronie puzzle maps :o


managed to get it without watching the demos... this was so clever! You are actually a genius at this. the map tricks you into believing certain things to throw you off, like that there's only way to not die and get the key, or that you can't get the gold once it's been blocked off... but figuring out a path to win and get all the gold is then all the more satisfying...

5/5aved... you're awesome :D
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almost four and a half years >_<

I agree Maxride

after however long he's been here he's still pimpin' these maps up.

you sir,

are still a genius.

no. 5d





or look at karma's AGD :P

lol, and there's an agd, great map
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Here's the completion! You're doing something wrong - it's supposed to kill you.

AGD is a little more tricky put also possible.
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faster, working on getting in-between-mine-wall-jump by the exit switch next to scratch off a few hundred frames
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lol at title too :D

great map, this is really cool, faved
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This happens to me

every time, and I don't think it should. Check demo.
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why didn't I think of that? Thats awesome. 5aved

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Faved and fived. I like both you and your style Evil_Bob.
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this was as far as I got. Could you check out my latest :)
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teleporter killed me, must have messed up.
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That's awesome

producing a demo currently.

And -

If the teleporter kills you it's because you've messed up.

It has never failed me.