"._. why Meta... why do you do this..?"

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags - author:meta_ing simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque supportsbbcodeoundescoreowhatthehellkindoftagisthisquestionmark unrated walljumpoffslashbetweenlaunchpads
Created 2009-12-01
Last Modified 2009-12-01
Map Data

Description ._.

Simple-challenge-esque. You'll need to get a walljump off or between (one of) the launchpad(s) while falling, and get the exit swich after doing that. Pretty tough, but a demo is provided.

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Good path

And you do know that im teraza. I thought you wouldn't realise

What about that


show me

your map which is like mine...
didn't know that - sorry
post a link to my map please


What about this?:



i wall jumped of the bottom launch pad on my 5th try, but it was too low and i couldn't make it ;_; never got it again..
i gonna try again tomorrow

your ded

is ready []


you walljumped off the launchpad

115 frames

Also on NReality.
Demo Data

Beaten Meta

On NReality
Demo Data


Links aren't working
Well here's an image of it.


That was supposed to be a link:

The way
But the way I might tell you is probably impossible.

Just fall down, get the switch and go to the exit.

The way

Probably Maxed

Manually Built Demo.
Demo Data

I think

That's going in my forum sig, Pyro.

of course you'd figure out how to cheat anti-cheat methods
but I can't pull it off. :O

You're demo is epic, it looks like the launchpad is glitched or something.


Sub-120. Could be faster still...
(Again, on NReality also)
Demo Data


Also on NReality.

Could be faster...
Demo Data

of course it is

How the?

is this possible?