Building Below

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga featured rated tileset
Created 2009-10-18
Last Modified 2009-10-18
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Part two.

This map was featured on 2016-12-22

"... the structures have maintained their exquisite appearance, even as the rest of the cave is slowly growing around it. There is a faint cyan glow throughout the cave, which..."
"... possibly due to the crystalline structure of the minerals. The crystals have increased greatly in size since my arrival, but I keep hearing whispers."
"My research may never reach the surface. I am slowly running short of fuel for my lamps and ink for my pens. I fear I will soon become part of the memories trapped here...."
- Journal found at the base of the tomb of Lak-Ohmet — origami_alligator

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that's because this community is a dying civilisation

every map is a different dying civilization
No one is on LT's level for tilesets



this is just so good.


I just can't believe

Nice tiles


reminds me a bit of LotR. great, 5.
I love the rocky structure to the very left of the buildings
wonderful. you are quite the storyteller.
pretty diamonds
anyway, I made a level of it

Fucking awesome




first thought: juke box
second thought: amazing
third thought: amazing


Go for it.

Can I use?

me like

sexy tiles