10-0 - What I Would Give To Be Australian

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Author remote
Tags action australians author:remote mappack playable preview rated
Created 2009-09-27
Last Modified 2009-09-27
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Okay, first and foremost, this is the first map i've submitted (and made) since before summer, i think. Comments would be appreciated as to help me get back on form.

secondly, this is a preview of my level pack, which i have finally bloody finished!! you will probably be able to fine the whole thing on the forums soon enough.

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Nice map,

very fun to play and master.

I don't mind mediocre tiles, the game play is what's important.


speed run:
Demo Data

pretty cool

I missed the last jump, and it's very... "aaAAAArgh!"
But nice work.
I'll get a demo someday... :)


Demo Data

this is excellent

good call, 29.


I love what you did

this is so fun

i beat it haha. faved.
Demo Data

this is terrific

you are a great mapper remote. the difficulty was perfect. that gauss at the end killed me as i lept for the exit so now i'm to lazy to try and beat it again. ahahaha. i'm glad you are mapping again. your maps seem somewhat ugly to me, to be frank. but that doesn't really affect me considering how well they play. nice job mate.


PS - check out some of my maps ;)