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Author sept
Tags author:sept pizzahat rated
Created 2009-09-27
Last Modified 2009-09-27
by 11 people.
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Description Crappy map.

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Great concept

Execution is disappointing, but it still makes for a nice easy map. 4

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but i thought this was incredibly boring. the drones were practically useless and the gauss turrets easily avoided. of course this is still a decent map - looks nice, plays nice - but nothing that deserves more than a 3. in my opinion.
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kinda unexciting

but whatevs
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in a bottle

Cool map.

and it is too possible.
"everybody lies." -House
7 5-ratings and only ONE person who said that he rated 5.
but it gets a 5. Funny.

Hah. My 5 pushed this higher than my map on the hot page. YAY.

Fappy map. Faved.


wow, really like the concepts. very nice map... the second try, a drone got me in a chute =P

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