A final good-bye

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Author powerhouse
Tags action author:powerhouse ded fbf playable rated
Created 2009-09-09
Last Modified 2009-09-09
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description This is a ded to my brother FBF.
He is gone and it seems as if no one has noticed. But i did, and here is a ded to prove it. If you feel that he shouldn't leave place your vote here...Please try to convince him to stay.

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he is back

an_icy_inferno, drop by his "first" map and welcome him back

fbf left?!?!?

and he didnt tell me?!? ... or anyone for that matter.

Come back man!

and i though amlt made a map just like this one... i might be wrong though.
invasion of awkward triangles


He only just posted a map. How is he missing?



i liked his maps


He's been gone for what? Four hours? See him tomorrow.


I always thought fbf was you. He should stick around though; his maps were good.


he should come back...i dont like when people leave!
i really hope to see him back sometime.