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Author powerhouse
Tags action author:powerhouse hero playable rated
Created 2009-07-31
Last Modified 2009-07-31
by 6 people.
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Description RCE

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Sub-300 AGD

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an interesting idea

although I feel as if this has been done before.
Also, would you mind checking out my latest map?
I appreciate the thought and it was a very nice thing to do but that was not my intention when I asked your brother to antisnipe 2 maps lol.

Yes, that's fine.

I was just curious because of how similar they were.

Thanks for being honest.

he is my brother

and Im too young to have an email account (according to my mom) so he let me use one of his

Excuse me...

Are you multiaccounting?
fireburnsfree and you have extremely similar emails.
...I disabled your brother's ability to vote because he has been subject to voting abuse (I think you know already, I believe you were also in on it). I've disabled your ability to vote as well. You need to understand that anti-sniping a single map from being sniped is permissible, but anti-sniping 20 maps when only a few of them were sniped is far from okay.
Rate maps based on what you think of them, not how they were rated previously or because your brother tells you what to rate.

NUMA Admin
gave him rates. this [] map got proper sniped. Think you could like rate it up? Thanks.

thanks I guess lol

I did like 20 of yours too

Best I could

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... slow.
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Demo Data



I don't like chimneys :/ I don't even know why I play them
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i love it.

fun 4/5