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Author Crappicrap
Tags author:crappicrap featured playable rated
Created 2009-07-16
Last Modified 2009-07-16
by 5 people.
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Description On 29403's special request! o_O

DED to natures_peril for first agd on one of my maps.. =]

This map was featured on 2019-05-14

Muto, by Crappicrap, is a simple map.

On first glance, one might be concerned that there are slightly too many enemies, especially those crammed into the tight tunnels. However there is a natural flow to the map that makes the enemies easily avoidable, yet still enjoyable to engage with.

The tile and object set combine to give a clean yet elegant aesthetic that compliment this smooth and straightforward map. Overall if you are looking for a relaxed map to play, and perhaps record a fast all gold on, Muto is a great map to turn to. — lord_day

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Crappitcrap? lol

Any relation to crappitrash, I wonder? lol


Pretty cool
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Slowest AGD haha

This is fun! that central bit of gold is super satisfying to collect
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faster agd..

smooth map! love it! =]
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By far

the fastest AGD :D
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faster agd
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i seem to be playing your maps alot
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The map is great too. 4/5.

Sub - 1100 AGD

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That launchpad jump at the beginning = win.
Really fun and flowy, I enjoyed this a lot. Faved.
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