Flame Trigger

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Author skyline356
Tags author:skyline356 cec featured flame laser playable rated trigger
Created 2009-05-24
Last Modified 2009-05-24
by 14 people.
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Description Burnt

This map was featured on 2016-08-27

When we look at a map, what do we see? Do we plot out our route? Do we observe the tiles and the negative space to form a picture or idea? Do we build a narrative in our head, equating it to something fantastical?

When I look at Flame Trigger, I see something unique. The design space allows the laser drones to be more deadly than one would normally expect. Always be careful of when (and where) you jump in the corridor, because this map will not give you any room for error. Good luck! — origami_alligator

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Very good laser map.


fbf but slow
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nice map

and nice text

lol flametrigger

Hey, this is faved too!

ur a dooshbag



Loved the aesthetics.

This is hard.

damn good close calls tho
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I am

blackson, as beautiful and pretentious as ever.

Who are you?


yes, very fun.
It's one of those maps where I don't mind waiting for the laser drones because usually when waiting you can either do something else or are stuck in a tricky jump situation on a one-way.
that comment destroyed myself esteem. Here I am sitting in front of my computer in tears. These past maps that I have been making are a story. That is their main purpose. (Not being funny)
I find two drones in completely different places annoying to deal with, though.

Sorry about the not doing your job, crack. That was rude.


i like how if you weren't careful you got trapepd every time you jumped.
What's up with that?

The layout and look of it is great; I just never seemed to get the...feel of it? Don't get me wrong, it's a nice map but the two lasers caused a very hectic start stop situation that left my boxed in waiting until their beam was cut O.o
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i shall favourite it