darkest before dawn

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Author tinkers7777
Tags author:tinkers7777 goodbye rated
Created 2009-04-23
Last Modified 2009-04-25
by 8 people.
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Description I'm out. I'm sick of this place and I'm never coming back. This place has way too many flaws to be enjoyable, and the fact that you either multi-account and start off big, or are so old that you have been tagged as a classic being the only way to get comments, I just don't enjoy NUMA. I have been popping off some of what I thought were maps of my golden age. I think I have had a total of 12 different people comment on 12 maps. One comment average. Ouch. Therefore, I proudly state this: I LEAVE YOU NUMA. May you discover what a community is, and become one once again. Dedicated and thanks to the following people: rule, eganic, hendor, euroazn, PALEMOON, atob, ndeavour, meta_ing, GTM, Mustardude, and shortshift. Goodbye, as I will never come back. And to all you people who think I can never leave, I have two words: watch me.

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it's only because there are too few fuckers on this website (pardon my french). If there were more active users, I'm sure even the people who submit unplayable piles of shit would get public ratings. Not that my maps are very good. Well, maybe a select few.

i just noticed this

talk about irony



What a poor excuse to leave. I cant say Im sad though.


Bye dude, I'll so definitely miss you ^^
Have a nice time, but don't forget to smile.


don't name?

don't mean?
See if you can get the secret message

but the question is

why suffer?
*user not use.

Also, forgot to say, 4.


Fun map, lovely aesthetics. World's longest agd posted below cos I wuz bored and too tired to do another.

I don't know you and don't really have an opinion on you leaving other than to say that you're clearly a good map maker. Perhaps If the average use comments more than they submit you might get a few comments on each map, and decent attention over the better ones. Just a thought.
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It happens to everyone and don't expect comments just because you are a featurer and have respect. This is just stupid. And by the way, everyone is going to comment on this map but hardly anyone is going to play it. And if you are going to leave NUMA forever and never come back, how will you know if it becomes a real community again? I've been here for about 9 or so months (maybe 8?) and I still haven't got shit for respect. Deal with it you little douche. You're not here for getting praise; you're here to share your talent for a making maps for a specific physics based game (to a point). Just leave and watch nobody care. I care because you are one of the mapmakers that make playing N worthwhile.
What a rebel!

But no, actually, you just sound like a douche. Being sour won't get your maps noticed.


I think that they thing that it'll get them some publicity for there other maps or something. Oh, and tinkers, I've had maps with no comments at all, and some without any ratings. Oh well, I'm still here. It just tells me that it didn't look interesting enough or something along those lines.

If you're not comming back, how can we watch you?

Seriously, what is with people leaving somehow thinking it will change things, then coming back like a week later. Been happening a lot recently

That sucks.

I agree with you on the community. And it sucks that unless theres a crazy stupid gimmick on an aciton map, the average map will never get any attention. Good luck with the rest of your life, I enjoyed your maps.

Forgot to add:

Before I go, I'm gonna feature a map by shortshift because it is fun.