twisty dda

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Author Thk54
Tags author:thk54 dda rated
Created 2009-03-23
Last Modified 2009-03-23
by 9 people.
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Description A dda with tons of twisted areas.

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yea... the only semigood part was the second twist, where you go through the twump line twice.

it was way to laggy, took WAY to long to load,there where too many enemies clustered together (which didn't even do anything)and much more launch pad than where needed.

you got the different propulsions down... sort of... just try to use more trapdoors (although not in lines (same goes for launchpads)), thwumps, and maybe even bounceblocks if you can figure that one out by yourself... main thing about this.. dont use so much stuff. and sorry about the huge comment, just giving advice...

Super lag

Waaaaaaaaaay too laggy


thats ugly like genital warts >.<

Fun map...

Is a bit horrible but is fun!


also, tons of useless enemies, tons of launchpads and tons of gold. 2.5v.




not comment with out playing please