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Author blackwhite
Tags author:blackwhite featured gauss playable rated
Created 2009-02-05
Last Modified 2009-03-24
by 34 people.
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Description atmosphere.

EDIT: 50 MAPS. yeah. it feels good. i am developing
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This map was featured on 2009-03-24

25-34 by blackwhite is definitely one of the more minimalistic maps by this author. It really shows how well of a map can be made with only 28 objects. You and your ninja will be faced with the challenge of getting all 13 pieces of gold without falling to your death. But remember to be very careful, because there will be a gauss staring you in the face the entire time. — Riobe

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I like the tiles.

But it plays a bit boringly.
Wow. I'm kinda surprised that that's a word.
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Not to mention average playing. :/

Even me

Can make better maps in 5 mins.

and i just realised

amlt did exactly the same route but faster :^/


that i found
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Discrete reminder! I'll also take tomorrow's spot if you haven't taken tonight's by then.


1: If you're gonna say something, make it useful.
2: Don't advertise.
3: STFU.
4: Look at the rules.

horrible map

worst one i have ever seen. check out mine!!!


fun map.
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holy freakin' god i'm gonna barf on my best jacket this is so good!!!!


It is great, and odd, and yes, looks autogenerated.
sad, really.
Good job on 50th map!
and same for feature!

  • good guy, you are! []
  • Speedrun

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    it was pretty easy but definitly 100,000 times better than any of my maps.
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    and unnecessarily difficult route
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    ...l, nhs


    25-34 = -9...


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    I'm sorry guys.

    I'm atob, and the actual atob is my sex slave. Sorry for any complications this might cause...

    Sub-500 AGD

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    toasters, you shouldn't be coming or going down on anything

    Very Stylish

    The gameplay was pleasant but quite shallow.


    was a bit empty
    but tileset was okay


    I was talking about the wrongful capitalization of the first "t" in "toasters".

    i don't think

    blackwhite is toasters. their styles are subtly, but fundamentally, different.

    the map was not that great.

    Oops, forgot demo.

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    I really should start coming down on this "Toasters" thing.
    in the past like month and a half.

    There's been too many "minimalistic" maps being featured lately that miss the point of mimimalism. :/ The point of minimalism is achieving a fun, challenging map without using lots of complexity, not to make an enemyless map that's just a highscoring contest. (I'm not talking about this map specifically here, just particular maps featured in the last few months)

    It's not that I don't like minimalistic maps. They're probably my favourite kind of maps, but in my opinion 99% of the minimalistic maps are doin it rong!


    Almost looks auto-generated.

    (I'm pretty sure it's not, I'm just saying it looks like that's about as much effort as went into it.) I can usually find some obvious appeal to some of the featured maps I don't particularily agree with, but I really don't get this one.

    I liked the level a LOT better when I replaced the gauss turret with a rocket. It was at least challenging to get an AGD then. The gauss might have well have been removed since it hardly interfered at all. Still don't like the very very beginning since the steep slope make jumping kind of awkward.

    There's many of your maps I like much much better than this.
    ...still feels generic.
    to this one.
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    ask toasters.

    im not he.
    maybe he's me.
    no. dont think so

    You are toasters?

    Toasters are you?


    Decently fast.
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    & I like this
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    what's good about you is that each of your maps are rated since you put them out almost scarcely. I have 165,but 15 rated. And we started mapmaking at the same time. And we were friends. Lol.
    Of course I have 49 XD

    I felt plenty of atmosphere in this. 4/5
    but i liked it


    I really liked all the open space, and every thing was placed very well, especially the gold.