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Author Nphasis
Tags author:nphasis cool fun gauss rated rocket
Created 2009-01-15
Last Modified 2009-01-15
by 16 people.
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Description Enjoy


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good job...
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I agree with maximo, not Mustardude. Nice little map.


I love you Nphasis, just to put it out there =D
<3 <3 <3

i remember

when this came out, awesome map, 5aved
Oh comeon, why would I multi account. Nice first map, congrats



Good map

4/5, The only thing that can really make this map better would be some more tiles around the top corners or something.

Faster AGD

By almost 2 seconds. :)

This map is very refined for its short length. In fact, the latter is really the map's only problem. I'm actually going to go against maximo and agree with MustardDude - I would've like the same stuff, just more of it. It's a close call but I'm gonna go with 3/5. Great for a first submitted map!
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I would say

Sometimes do what mustardude said, sometimes do what maximo said. Mix it up.
And I agree, the simplicity is what makes this particular map good.

Nice demo



and please do not do what mustarddude said...less is more in N. If this map had extra clutter it wouldn't shine like it did.


If you keep making maps like this i'll keep playing. Gorgeous map, perfect take on minimalism. Please don't stop.
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I see no flaws, but try to make future maps more full and exciting.


You didn't get

all the gold. ;_;

AGD - 4 =(

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nice map tho, 4
Welcome to NUMA :P 4/5
My NReality wouldn't let me make an account so I had to do it on flash player.
Is this your first true map or just your first submitted?

first map, huh?

well, you've done a good job. welcome to NUMA and please enjoy your stay here!