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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson rated
Created 2009-01-10
Last Modified 2009-01-10
by 18 people.
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Description I had to submit, I /love/ this.

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This is sex. I would complain about the rockets bunching up, but then I would be wrong.
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Cool sauce.

Tiles remind me a bit of myself.

Fastest Completion

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I don't get it.

This map is generic and not that fun.


now i'll go for agd.
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on my first completion
agd aswell btw
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I thought they were well placed.
The one staring you down as you come out of the tunnel, the one waiting for you to jump off the launchpad/wall jump etc..


I can't actually make a speedrun with a lower framecount than my AGD :(


i changed my mind. the rockets weren't placed very well.


a little short.

but i have no complaints besides that.
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A quick AGD

this is pretty fun.
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it's pretty good

pretty exciting.

*pokes Izzy*.

this will

probably be my fastest agd for tonight
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who are you quoting, because no one on this page ever said it was the most exciting map they've played... adam_zappul clearly stated it was ONE OF the most exciting maps he's played, but not the most exciting map... and you aren't him, people have tastes in different kinds of maps, let him feel what he feels without criticizing, please.

for the map, just above average to me.

Forgot teh demo...

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This is pretty cool

Although the rockets clump together at points, qwhen they dont it's great.


You're right about that...

This map just feels complete when you beat it; it feels satisfying.
"Sub-600 is possible" is quite amusing.

kinda short

but awesome 5aved
slow(ish) agd
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And again...

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"most exciting map ever played", fun yes exciting not really, it had elements that could be almost exciting but the rockets didnt pose to much of a challenge, the tiles were nice, and the gimmick with the oneways made the map quite aesthetically pleasing, but if you are saying this is the most exciting map ever you are surely missing out on a fair few maps,
yes this map is fun, but it doesnt really escape from the ordinary into the extraordinary, its close but still far off

Much faster AGD

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First try AGD

Cool map.
Demo Data of the most exciting maps I've ever played.

Well done!
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Good Map

Slow demo. 4... Can You look to my last map? Please.
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And the three rockets seem a little overdone, but I like the general theme and I love what you've done with the exit door. Looks awesome.


fastest AGD
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same frame count. one less gold
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...seems to me. second try
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Oh yeah!!

I like the room at the bottom. 5aved
it was fun, and my demo was 800 frames :(


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I love the perp-wall jump combo.
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