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Author plasmaN
Tags action author:plasman floorguards playable rated thwumps v1.3c
Created 2008-11-27
Last Modified 2008-11-27
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description you can see it kinda if you have a good imagination

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my god this is

like, the coolest thing in the world.

painfully original 5aved

you inspired me to make a map, it is on the hot maps page


sometimes the easy maps are the funnest(like this one) because they usually have speedrun potential(like this one)
i actually really liked it 4/5

i like

the launchpad beginning

it creates interesting flow paths =]

amazing slug got it to work though

Too easy

Add some gold, at least
Demo Data
It makes it inconvenient to get the switch.
Demo Data

thats ok

next time make it more difficult.

3.75 rounded up

wow, you got the switch really fast, way faster than mine and i didnt even finish


Demo Data

its pretty hard but im almost positive you can get out of the blue drone room
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