1-2 Ganymede

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Author Synapse
Tags action author:synapse flow fun playable race rated
Created 2008-11-15
Last Modified 2008-11-15
by 5 people.
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Description Fastest AGD gets a ded. Very race-like. Very fun to play. Lets see some demos! Ded to twenty-three for totally destroying my last map with an incredible AGD.

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This was one hard flow to find. Cool map (=
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You sure?

"I believe I have a legitamite reason to have a second account. But most importantly of all, I don't want no crappy name like "Tinkers7777"."

Once I've disabled I won't be changing it back again.
please chose one to deactivate.

Let me know asap or I'll disable both.

Yo tinkers.

WADDUP TINKERS7777/SYNAPSE. Having a nice day? You were stupid enough to favourite eganic's map.


at how much time is left at the end of this run.
133.700 seconds :P
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It's finally here.
I'm in school now so I won't be able to play it for a while.

Why thank you!

I hope so too. Worked a looooong time on it.


Nicely done, I hope this gets some attention. The flow was cool ,and the enemies (all of them :]) were well placed.

Slow AGD

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