Tattooed Panda

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Tags author:be_nspired mines nreality playermod rated tileset
Created 2008-10-09
Last Modified 2008-10-09
by 6 people.
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Description "...The Great Tattooed Panda of Arthium, heard the silent scuffling at the door of the Pagoda. Raising his padded paw, he signaled to the slaves of men to do his bidding... ... It was too late, the Great Panda lay sprawled on the dusty floor, a poisoned dart piercing his right shoulder. In his final rattling breath, the great panda whispered ""..."


An all gold demo here wins a DED, because that would be amazing to see

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nahh its all good

OK speed demo

not the greatest.
Demo Data


fun. It's a 5 for me.

And is the limited number of jumps supposed to add to the challenge? If not, increase it.
Demo Data

I though of that

but really enjoy nreality thats all, i might make a non nreality some other day


To tell you the truth, this map would have played much better as a regular rocket-dodger without the Nreality code.

Love the gold.

Great job!


Great loopyness there!
:) oh and check out my other maps!!