Feeling of iLove

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Author iLove
Tags author:ilove fun map ngame rated
Created 2008-09-12
Last Modified 2008-09-12
by 8 people.
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Description this is atleast my tenth map but only the second one i submit so far and i hope you have fun with it

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would have done the job as well, but I guess the doors are okay.

With the mass ammount of them, I would have stayed away from them, they look a bit bland.
interesting concept, the gold is pretty fun to get, but annoying to, great job, 4/5

amazing tileset...

you have much potential... you will be seeing a lot of me.


Very nice. Your tilesets so far are top-notch. Those trapdoors are annoying though... (That doesn't mean they're bad :D) Really well done!
(I'm not too great with objects, really... Try looking at some old maps with tons of rates and comments to see what people view as 'good' object placement.)
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maybe somebody can help me with objects on my next map?


very cute lol. I've faved this so I can play it later (Got school in 2 mins).

you've got your tilesets down my friend.


Yup, the sun is awesome. Good concept with the one-ways, nice overall tileset too, but the objects were pretty ugly :P
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love the sun

and surprisingly i really liked the trapdooors
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i thought i had to get the trapdoors lol :(

anyway them tiles are great, but you need to work on your gameplay a bit



Loving that tileset. Gameplay's quite good too, although perhaps too similar to your first map? Eh, who cares.

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