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Author iLove
Tags author:ilove hard ilove love rated
Created 2008-09-11
Last Modified 2008-09-11
by 7 people.
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Description i was on here for a while but i just made an account because i made a good map i think

first you run across the bridge then over the generator and into the man made mountains then back and up to some more so you can finish

maybe ill submit some of my other maps later but i think this is my best one and all my other ones sucks


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I liked.

Drones were a nice touch though.


iLove this level.


New talent!!!

This is quite the map.

this is quite

an amazing first submission.

thanks everybody

Very nice enemy placement actually, gold aswell. Great work 4/5


Really nice man. Keep it up!

oh ya

i forgot to say to not get the trap doors because it makes a bridge that sometimes you cant get through

thank you too


This is an awesome tileset.
Great job on first submission!

thank you

i like the tileset

and the gold/mines. 4/5

i cant get all the gold its really hard for me
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