The Alarm, The Alarm!

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Author runningninja
Tags action author:runningninja nreality rated tncc
Created 2008-08-09
Last Modified 2008-08-09
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Riobe is not the first to get to the mod. MUHAHAHAHAHHA!
For TNCC, Round 1.
NReality needed.

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Demo on Nreality

3/5 fun but too simple for a five minute map.
Especially if the map isn't very good.

Mintnut you need to chill. You take this all to seriously.

Thank you


honestly guys,

naked bacon. but seriously, whipping up a map in 5 minutes is cool. the internet is an interchange mechanism of other people's ideas, so it doesn't make sense to get mad at the author if he was just being himself. as for me, I think I'm missing a download for NReality, so the guy is a black dot. the tileset is really easy on the eyes though.

Why does it?

Just because I'm pissed off doesn't change any of the things I said.

Hey mintnut

your last sentence of "Still fully pissed off, if not more." really diluted your good points


It identifies your maps? Pardon. I make maps in general. Why should you limit yourself to some kind of formula. It's frankly lunacy to just state you're best at that so should just stick to it. Strive to be a good mapmaker on all fronts, try something different!

Obviously me being outnumbered makes me wrong. I mean, so many 12 year old girls love "girls aloud", so if I hate them, i'm just wrong, right? Right!

I played the map, I AGDed it. The quality was not really there, the 5 mins of build time is fully evident. And I don't see how this idea is innovative, it's hardly even an idea; and you're not known to me as 'the first person to make a map with alarm drones', you're just a shortsighted misinformed character.

Oh, yeah. I don't make mod maps.

Still fully pissed off, if not more.
have a good concept at heart, but are entirely bland in presentation and shallow in play.

The kind of thing you'd expect someone to produce as a first draft of an idea, perhaps two or three away from a final piece...

Bellow average, imo.


Mintnut: there's no need for such an aggressive tone dude, you'll just upset people and your point will be diluted.
Demo Data
Demo Data
I was just joking.

It would be

horrifically easy w/o it.
It's not like this map is super hard though.


The go around thing is annoying


sorry mininut, it was AMLT.
AMLT, I'm not sure you should rate down because of the drone.


What did you rate to send my map down one point?
If you rated 0, this map is at least worth more than that.
If it wasn't you, my apologies.

I don't like this

Or that drone, for that matter.

Whoa dude

calm down!
First of all, it's like something that identifies my maps, and I like doing it, because it makes my maps more challenging.
Simple doesn't mean bad (10 minute maps, anyone), and I make simple maps that are good, like Riobe makes races, Clifty makes DDAs, DragonMoon made narts, I make simple action maps: it's what I'm best at.
And you're plenty outnumbered - this map is a solid 4.
And try to check out the quality of maps as well.
I wanted to be first so no one could use my idea, which is pretty innovative, and now I will be known for making the first map with alarm drones, thus bringing more attention to them.
If this didn't convince you, make an innovative simplistic use of this mdd.


What the heck? And whipping up maps in 5 minutes is nothing to be proud of.

This was basically just a cheap attempt to be first. And why? What have you gained from that.

Fully pissed off,



(Triple post...)

This is really fun to highscore by the way. 4/5.


Broke 600...

Demo Data


AGD again.
Demo Data




Demo Data
that's an AGD. The first too. Pity Meta_Ing will beat you by one frame...


AGD and much faster than my last.
Demo Data

Completion Demo

NReality too. I think this is kinda fun actually. Not too difficult and makes good use of the drone. 3.5/5 rounded up.
Demo Data
Demo Data


the go-around concept is my trademark. It is present in a majority of my maps.

I think

you used the go-around concept too much :p


I tried to edit the map, but I couldn't for some reason.
Harder now, hopefully no demos are broken.
Anyways, this was pretty easy. Shoulda made it more exiting. 3


also, I cant seem to submit any maps. I cant play until I submit my Thwump Challenge 9. >_< I really wanna see how the alarm works in this map. Couldnt you also use a mod as a race against time?
Ill provide a demo (or not) of this map.


I mis-clicked the 'reported for abuse' at runningninja comment :(


But this is the benefit of being a simple mapmaker - you can whip up a level in 5 minutes.

Your so evil