Sitting Sideways

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga race rated
Created 2008-08-02
Last Modified 2008-08-02
by 13 people.
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Description So it's this race thing, y'know?

There is a regular path, and a gold path. Both are fun, I like to think, but the gold path requires some tricky jumps and tricky thinking.

I'll supply you with the normal demo, so you can explore for the gold path on your own.

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...sub 900 AGD...nice flow and sense of speed...5/5...
Demo Data

i didn't like this

the flow was almost nonexistent. the tileset is good, but the flow and the gameplay are uninspired, not innovative, and lack smoothness. 2.75/5


This race is a beast, I love the hard-to-see flow.
Almost an AGD.
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third is weird though, but I might've done it wrong.
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second and third clumps of gold are very awkward to do properly.

5 anyway :P
Demo Data
with the whole thinkin thing
Demo Data


cough, lacks a little flow haha.

I think I've got it figured out but can't do the right jumps.

Great race.
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Gorgeous Tiles

The gameplay is fun and feels fresh, sometimes the flow is a little jittery.
I'll play around and look for the gold path.
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Quite fun.

I can't find the gold path though.. I suck xD

No gold path.

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