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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga featured playable rated
Created 2008-08-01
Last Modified 2008-08-01
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Resub, because it didn't get the attention that one of my best maps deserves.

This map was featured on 2008-08-22

This map is almost minimalistic.

For that matter, it's almost flawless. It's almost annoying. It's almost frustrating.
But it's not.

Hmm, then again, it might be flawless. The tiles, typical of what I like to call Third-Gen Losttortuga, cover all the necessities; they also add a craggy element that's hard to capture well. The gold is placed so it's just enough of a stretch, and the flow is very smooth for such rough tiles. The rockets chase you, trap you, and aggravate you.

This map isn't frustrating. It's not annoying.

But it just might be flawless. — incluye

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my foot fell asleep

so i suppose this is the best i could hope for.
for not very awesome tiles, you innovated these to death 4
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I really liked the placement of the rockets, actually. They flowed around the paths well and avoided making you face multiple rockets at a time, despite passing so many. 5/5.

Faster agd

by over a second..
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not at all, to me. it's to get recognition as a good mapmaker.

Oh no he didn't!

Spudzalot, we've had this before. It's about drawing attention, not getting attention.


Isnt that the point of a review? To get comments and ratings...


Demo Data

Very good

A bit too hard for my tastes though. Ah well, 4/5aved


i've noticed that too, spudz. can't guess why that is, though.

being featured

is better than getting ratings anyway


Does anyone else notice that the feature maps are getting less and less rates?


I played this a while back...
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Annoying rockets = 3.75/5
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i like how there are many options of paths to take
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revisiting this

i enjoy it more. 4. faved.
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I'll fave this and play it later..

hey nice review


all gold death.

4. not your best. bad rocket placement.
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very nice

like the spariodic feel to it
if i didnt hate rockets.

I never saw the original.


how a map that had to be resubmitted gets featured.

I LOVE this map. I LOVE it.

More wisdom

from minty

Looks really good,

nice gameplay as well,
I just wished you didn't use the mines at the bottom, it really ruins the look of the map.
by about two people. Just keep going, make maps for yourself, and care what other people think second.




I wouldn't have resubbed if I didn't like the map as much as I do.


I saw the earlier map. You're just going to have to learn to live with lack of attention, you can't always be the hot thing on the block, sometimes, you just have to cling to the lower echelons of the block, and hope some of the bird shit gets down that far.......

But yeah,

It just ticked me off a little.

No, actually, I don't see Uber haxor in this much. It's more GEAH to me.