Rotating Laser

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Author Maser
Tags author:maser laser mod n-reality nreality rotating unrated
Created 2008-07-12
Last Modified 2008-07-12
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Description ----------N-REALITY NEEDED!----------

Inspired by handofgod's 'spies' (Here) []

Fun to play, you can do it really fast if you just want to :P

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Gave this map 5 ninjas.
should look like this: '6^396,300,0,1,1,0'. 396,300 is coordinates, they can be changed, but the last 4 numbers tells how the laser moves, in what direction it starts and so on. Just change them to 0,1,1,0 and you have made a rotating laser that rotates clockwise. You could make it rotate in the other direction if you want also, but then you need to find the code for it :P


How do you get that to happen. like with all of the wierd abnormal stuff in nreality


slowish i guess
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But there is still things that can be done faster.
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amazingly fun 5/5aved