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Author Domination
Tags author:domination frustrating hard maze mine-jumper puzzle rated
Created 2008-06-29
Last Modified 2008-07-02
by 6 people.
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Description []

Mine-jumper puzzle. Hopefully frustrating. :P

Get the trap doors first, then the locked doors and pass through the trap doors.

First AGD = DED

Have "fun" with this one!


Edit: Map was highly cheatable, hopefully fixed now. DED still to first AGD, sorry spud <3
Edit: Nvm, DED to spud []
Edit: Last DED had to be fixed. Here's new DED XD. []

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Oh man you cheated loads spud XD. Soz that won't count I'm gonna have to fix this map up :P


i cant seem to get this one right now. I'm not in a 'puzzle mood', if there is such a thing


I think I am first. <3
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Very cool map. I havn't seen much from this genre, so nice job!