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Author Shazzeh
Tags action author:shazzeh easy lasers playable rated
Created 2008-06-19
Last Modified 2008-06-19
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A few easy jumps and a few easy enemies. It's easy.

Brownie points to anyone who doesn't just go over the top. Extra brownie points to anyone who also gets all the gold.

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I love the simplicity and the jumps. Some mines could have made it more of a challenge. Great job.
Demo Data

As promised...

brownie points go to both of you. Good job and thanks for comments.

Only took me

a couple hundred-thousand tries more than I had expected...

4/5. The laser drones are very well placed.

Non-over-the-top AGD
Demo Data

Over-top-less AGD

Brownie points ahoy.
Great level. 4
Demo Data

Pretty nice.