Accuracy of Chainguns

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Author drikam
Tags action author:drikam easy unrated
Created 2008-05-03
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Description Its too empty and chainguns do almsot nothing..

Nothing good, I just coulnd't make it better..
But it gave me an idea, which I might make later..

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oh well..

I done it while I was testing.. but it seems inpossible for me now too..

I got back in beetween the drones.. but it seems inpossible now.. well.. =(

No idea why.. Mayby because I edited the drones again after my test.. Ah.. =(


As far as I could go.... I know how to do it. Its just a lil too hard
Demo Data


I love it! 5aved! Too bad you have disabled the ratings.
Im still trying to finish it