Slippery when wet - fixed

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Author golfkid
Tags author:golfkid jumper puzzle rated
Created 2008-04-30
by 5 people.
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Description A hopefully uncheatable version of this map:

Thanks to lookatthis and ToeFaceKiller for showing their prowess, and where these cheats were available. Hopefully they're all gone now.

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heres a demo

It's not completion, but the last part I did get shows the method for finishing. Admittedly, this is extremely difficult to pull off, but it certainly is possible. And as you can see, its not even necessary to do them all in succession without missing any jumps.
Demo Data


Until I see a completion demo.
Not that I think it's impossible, it's just that I can't complete it, so I'd only be rating half the map.
And I'd like to rate the whole thing.

Slippery When Wet

Best album ever!

Quite fun ^^
A challenge too - kinda annoying in places but still good.