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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga bitesized collab lostdestiny losttortuga playable race rated
Created 2008-04-23
Last Modified 2008-05-17
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Race collab betwixt Destiny and myself, a really awesome one, too.

In this race there are little triangles of gold.
At these said triangles you can either choose to jump, or not jump, doing either will lead you on a completly different path, but both pathes will combine again at the next triangle.

So basically you have a race with a whole bunch of different pathes.

We have worked very hard on this, and we hope you enjoy the new take on the multi-path race!

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Demo Data


Demo Data

@ Bunniesandsheep

What *do* you like?

I might have cheated, or i might not have..
Demo Data


But one of the best races I've ever played.


the v dude's nreality demo is hacked or something.


I don't like it that much.. 4.
Well, official routes at least.

you're very fast

Demo Data

this is

the fastest way possible (i think)

okay, i cheated a little...

362 frames.
Demo Data
so there are a total of nine possible routes :D

i think...


very fast path
Demo Data
So enjoy a well deserved 5/5


I really liked the multiple paths and how smooth choosing each one was.
Demo Data

fastest agd

:D love this
Demo Data
Sorry, I hadn't refreshed the window.

Three frames faster AGD.
Demo Data


Unless I missed something, this is the only all-gold path:
Demo Data

Here is

The AGD route.
Demo Data
4.5avedsized. Bravo. And thank you for not loading it up with enemies and making it really laggy.

Too good.

Grrrrr. I couldn't find an AGD route though :-(



i live this 1

Path one.
Demo Data