Every Last One

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Author littleshit
Tags action author:littleshit playable rated
Created 2005-08-17
by 20 people.
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Description A map that says what it is,
it's a door/trapdoor run map.

And it goes over every square

It may take a while to load but its worth it,
it morphs, changes, and transforms so many time you couldn't count

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Huge map. 5/5
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Not the best door map but a lot of work put into it and there is no block left unused.

very cool

some of the paths and changes in that were mind blowing. i dont think there was a single map square left out. nice one!
Since theres no gold this can't be done in user lv mode, just not enough time, I had to play it in debug mode to see the end.

me likey

this map. I'm happy cause its freaking fun as hell, but also cause its proved that good maps by less famous creators dont go unnoticed. Im not saying anything against you, it just seemed like certain creators get their new maps rated in like 3 secs, and I have maps still unrated just sitting around. Oh well, freaking awesome map!


Here's my first run through the maze. There's some amazing changes in there. Best door eerie I've ever seen. Not very original but amazingly ambitious. Well done!
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Cool :)

Yeah, great map :) . Only onething bothers me though. I know it's is awesome and everything, but the door-maze idea is as old as.... something really old! :)
Nevertheless, a great door-maze. 4/5
cool i need the rating

Holy fucking...

shit! Wow! O_O


mabye 7 hours to get everything perfect


dude this one is awesome!!!! how long did it take you?