A New Start to an Old End

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Author littleshit
Tags action author:littleshit playable rated
Created 2005-06-16
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description After N was done rockclimbing he headed back to his car to drive home. But sooner then he realized he was enbarking on a new quest, as he found a deep hole right next to his car. For he knew that hole wasnt their when he parked their, before it was a large rock problay 25 feet high. The rock he warmed up on before went climbing.

But N is confused about this new deep hole. So he grabed his repeling gear and repeled down. When he arived at the bottom he found a locked door with a jewled door inside!

Now he had to find his way in and find out what was inside that door. But first he has to find the key to open the first door.

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Thumbnail of the map 'Who knew that rockclimbing could be so much fun'
Who knew that rockclimbing could be so much fun


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Uh, sibbie

THe point of this map is that the only way to die is from gravity. 4/5


nearly all gold. i didn't realize the exit door was there, so i didn't manage to get the last pieces.
a fun all-gold challenge. very nice tile set. i thought it was a rather fun level.
Demo Data

No way to die.

Conclusion not Conclution.


there is now way to die.(unless your a stupid newb) you need to make your maps harder with obsticles or dificult jumps. i rated this a tree because of the great use of gold. especialy the door. conclution nice art bad level