The Hooks

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Author Templex
Tags action author:templex bitesized hooks playable rated
Created 2008-03-24
Last Modified 2008-03-24
by 22 people.
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Description Hooks
The hooks
He's - got - the -
The hooks
To make it
To break it

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1630 frames AGD

on Nreality by me :D

there is seriously

too much gold
not that its bad...
with motivation I could get this demo into the mid 1600's!
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Fastest AGD so far.

Demo Data

Hook Me Up

hahaah.... ha


fun map
Demo Data
Demo Data

Gameplay is sick.

You really placed enemies well in this map. The tileset complimented the gameplay really well too which made the map all the more fun. Sometimes the gold half way in the tiles was annoying, but not really anything big.

You have got a really well made map here.



I love the tileset, and I love the play. Here's an APGD.
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