Gem Shimmershine

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Author Zres
Tags action author:zres featured rated
Created 2008-03-14
by 21 people.
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Description Woo. Haven't made a map in a while.


This map was featured on 2010-04-25

Day 5:

Amidst chaingun fire and dangerous landmines, yellow gems sleep, waiting to be collected. As I venture deeper into this retro-postmodern cavern, I attempt to salvage these precious stones, and hopefully succeed in ultimately re-emerging from the darkness with my bounty. This abandoned excavate is perilous, and to make a false step is to forfeit my life, but that isn’t important, really.

All I know is that I’ll do anything for that Gem Shimmershine.

~squibbles — PALEMOON

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the chaingun is a train wreck, but very nice map otherwise.
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oh, yeah

I liked how that cmae together too. :D
Except for the last part with the thwump/chaingun, I liked this a good bit. Like atob said, if the aesthetics were more polished, Zres could very well be a household name around here. As it stands, he's still pretty darn good, and I don't think Twilight would've been the same without him. Good pick, squibs. 4'd. :D


except for the chain-gun positioning; which makes a speedy agd almost completely rely on luck.
I agree with atob about the aesthetics, and Pig2/AMLT about the gameplay. aka I didn't like it at all D:


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I meant

"abandoned excavate". Excavate being odd, but I like using verbs like that.


Retro was refering to the time it was made, postmodern, the design.

It read so much better with the hyphen.


with ATOB.

This map.

is lacking in atmosphere and general aesthetic finesse (which is important), but the play is pretty slick in places.

I like it, despite its flaws, which is rare. Means the author has a knack for this and simply needs to attain a style or refine what he/she has, in my experience.

In fact, going through your maps quickly as I write this, Zres, it seems (at a glance) that the only place you lack is with the visual design and artistic elements of your mapping. Your spacing and general of of objects seem to be very adept.

If you could refine your aesthetics (imo), your maps would take a massive leap toward the better.

The review is a little odd, strange use of a verb (reads cool but doesn't make perfect sense). I kind of like that.
I felt it didn't look particularly good and the gameplay was quite bland. There was nothing innovative or fun about it, in my opinion. 2/5


im not sure how to say this.. but.. the map, you see.... its.... cheatable... (cue scary music)

but i thought it was fun :)
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Awesome, fun map

I liked the gold patterning, enemy placement, tileset, but I hate that mine on the left of doors. :D


Pretty cool map

but also quite ordinary, except for the ending with the thwumps and chaingun, which is pretty hard to dodge.
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but i'm not sure about "retro postmodern cavern"
it makes sense but...
anyway, awesome placement, good gameplay.


<squibbles> I think the best thing about this is that this is the first map to ever get a review before a comment


<3 Zres.