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Author incluye
Tags author:incluye bitesized ctrdda ctrkradda dda featured kractrdda kradda rated
Created 2008-03-05
Last Modified 2009-10-27
by 146 people.
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Description Yeah, yeah, it looks like piss.

This map was featured on 2014-07-28

It may look like piss but it is anything but that. (Unless you count the piss where you have no idea what is going on but you are excited. Which only happens to me on Thursday or if it is raining.) Anyways, if you want to watch a ninja chase around and toy with dangerous rockets play this ctrdda and if you don't want to, do it anyway you'll enjoy yourself. — Etothetaui

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Legendary map.

Glad to watch it again after so many years. Still solid.

unlike most ddas this one aged really well

speed run

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"looks like piss"
thumbnail is broken

all is well
Sorry for claiming that I did it first, otters. All royalties will be sent your way.

"wtf!! O_O how does this not have a feature? faved"

Five years later, karmap0lice's dream came true.

Holy crap!

I was not aware of this map until now. Awesome! A well-earned Dronie!


Mouth drops open...




140. rater
I like the close calls
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seriously, i have NEVER seen a DDA this good EVER!!!!
sadly, ive only been using numa for two months so that doesnt say much because this is my second commented map ever...
WOW!!! amazing map



wtf!! O_O how does this not have a feature? faved


I appear as the 111th rater and bumped you up to a 5!

Yeah man!

That really wasn't necessary, but thank you for your concern.




i was the 99th and i got you to a 5/5



This map won the 2008 Dronies for DDA of the Year! Congratulations, incluye.


that was amazing. The best DDA I've ever seen by a long shot. NUMA GET ME A RATING OVER 5 >:O



is amazing. Those four months of work were worth it.

5/5 and faved

That sounded pompous. I people are awesome. Except for Mr. gyrox there.

Aaaaaaaaaaand it's back up to 5, folks! I'd thank you all personally, but you know who you are. *wink*


Very nice!

Waitn a sec!

I never rated! WOOO! as said, 5/5 aved brilliant stuff man.
And this 15 sec later, i'm still sorry

Ok, incluye.

Maybe you remember my old comment here. Like, when I was a noob without any knowlodge of stuff.
Sorry for that, if I could undo this, 5/5aved. Sorry man.

Then gyrox

If you're not playing it the way it's supposed to be played, don't play them at all.

You suck highly, sir.

HATE 0/5

The only the only thing I like about ddas is that it's fun to try and beat it with out not doing anything.


one of the bests 5aved..

(please see my lvls and rate them? thanks)

Well, me, and romaniac, and someone who requested it on one of the Chaser's Wars.


great level. KRADDA combined with a CTRDDA, who would have thought?
And this showed up. Amazing. 5aved.
btw, I PM'd you.
and since when were dda's about the tiles anyway

Close call list

0052 to 0056
0108 to 0117
0162 to 0165
0265 to 0271
0308 to 0311
0338 to 0361
0520 to 0537
0543 to 0562
0644 to 0662
0671 to 0696
0794 to 0805
0859 to 0861
0899 to 0905
0915 to 0918
1180 to 1185
1223 to -AE-

AE = After End
Infinity /5


Simply amazing.

I especially like how you vary your methods of propulsion.