V: Space fills your mind and you dream awhile

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Author Templex
Tags action author:templex cells easy flowy nature plant playable rated series teleporter
Created 2008-02-29
Last Modified 2008-02-29
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Now leafing P-1.

Tiles: "Sir, You've Got Spores Up Your Nose" by Yasmaster.

Fiber Fly
Nightmare Interlude
Cellular Fascination
Gray Skies

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There we go.

Demo Data
I recorded a demo in another window of N. D:<
Demo Data

First try AGD

Demo Data

Breat level.

Loved this one.

Demo Data


well done


*looks down*

Just not really often... at all...

...I'm glad to see you're still making good maps!

Holy schmoly

it's Korbachev!


but fun fun fun!
Demo Data


I think this will do me. Great map, not too hard but really fun to play. 4/5
Demo Data


That first demo is wacky, and the second one was the result of an unfortunate compromise.

Heheh, another funny demo.
Demo Data

AGD. I should be able to get a far bit faster.
Demo Data


Watch when I die in FBF...
Demo Data

Okay AGD.
Demo Data