Into the Sea

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Author Templex
Tags action author:templex nreality ocean playable rated sea underwater
Created 2008-02-20
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description To be played in NReality.
Should look like this in NReality:

Resubbed to reduce awkwardness/difficulty.

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But the gameplay is terrible
I died many times but I finally did it. Those hidden gauss turrets kicked my butt.

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1/5 for the pic
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Picture looks great. Needs some work meshing with the actual level.


It really looks awesome but I agree with Nexx that it's somewhat awkward.

Heres an agd
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But I understand where you're coming from.


I changed mine up a little bit. No lanterns but it fits the theme of night better. These image maps are really fun to play around with!

It's not that great

First, the images look great but obscure the tiles, making it hard to play.

Second, the map itself isn't very good. You've got hidden thwumps, a hidden jumppad (hidden when the images load), and a generally awkward tileset.

So it looks great, but it just doesn't play well. NR.

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