Foam Born: The Backtrack

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Author McP3000
Tags action and author:mcp3000 awesome between bitches colors fun kickass me rated theburied
Created 2008-02-12
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Made this map while listening to Colors by Between the Buried and Me.

Excellent album.

//Enjoy bitches//

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broke 114.
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Great map. 5

Wish you were still here.


an awesome level
5/5, favourited


This map kicks ass, almost as much as that song(album). Nice 4.5/5

I love the bottom.

The rocket and the top section didn't play /that/ well.
I got shot shot a lot of times by a chaingun drone!!!

this is great.

absolutely brilliant. near flawless.

second try

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I went too fast.

Demo Data
i fed him the dry kibbles this morning and he's been in a bad mood since

hey mcp

hows tricks


it's a great mix of enemies in there

New Guys

dont know about my mad map-making skillzz


suck that

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