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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga playable rated
Created 2008-01-25
by 6 people.
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Description Un map para ti.

What is the Spanish word for map?

I like the drone pathes in this, I thought they were clever. =)

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Faster AGD

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Nice map

It feels very episodic to me. (By which I mean it's a large map, it has its tricks but it's not too hard, and there's a lot of little nuances that speed runners could use) Good work!

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@losttortuga: cool map. I wanted to create a similar one (similar difficulty&simplicity) but i think i failed.
its pretty cool.

@mekkah: How many languages do you speak? I saw you writing english, german, and now spanish....^-^
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This map is not only your best map, but it is a great map for anyone to make. The gold is placed nicely, not spammed. The rocket was very effective in controlling the whole left side of the map. The drones were a nice addition to patrol the right cave. Great!!! Not to mention the flow...


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Para mi?

Gracias senor. Me gustan las mapas nuevas porque me gustan videojuegos. Si yo puedo jugar este mapa, sere feliz. una de la dia! Tengo que dormir! Manana, soy jugando este mapa.

El mapa.