2 mm

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Author longvie
Tags author:longvie longvie playable race unrated
Created 2008-01-25
Last Modified 2008-01-25
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Just a race, enjoy.
Ded to the one that finds out what the title means.

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No problem

all feedback is accepted


but i dont like this one, im gonna give you another list of things to do with your next race

make the route of the flow more exiting - check out heatwave21's latest race for a good example

put gold in! - trust me it's a life or death thing

dont spam mines - it looks noobish

put some other enemies in, to make it more exiting

make the tiles exiting - if you want, make a forumer account - then send me your next race once you think it's finished, and i'll show you what i mean

one-ways are a bitch to jump off, dont use them as walls unless necassary

flow doesnt just go in circles - you seem to have forgotton this

i look forward to your next one ^^


On a scale of 1 - 2mm how annoying is this map?


Demo Data

oh what?

blue picture?
I tought it was another. Ill delete it now...
by the way, flying fish won

2 millimeters?

2 mile marathon?
Demo Data

2 many mines.

What blue picture?
Demo Data

Nice flow

I like it very much. Here's a 4.
As for the meaning of the title, I could make a dumb joke about it being the length of ... never mind, I won't make that joke.


with the blue picture?