Imperial March

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 bitesized imperial march mrgy05 playable rated
Created 2008-01-23
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Honor and Love,
Death and Despair,
Choose your Weapon.

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I know it's tempting as hell, though. Anyway, nice map. I agree with Life247: there's too much unused space. Nevertheless, great concept.

Slow-ass AGD.
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Deserved the size, very creative with the thwumps. Each time you were flung by them, it was like being pushed into a completely different level with a set of different obstacles. Extremely fun and perfect difficulty. Faved. In the demo I die when I finally reach the part with the rocket.
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Haha oh wow!

Man you got me laughing hard over here, raging so hard you commented on every map of mine and still came back here with another block of text! Damn dude you took the bait and fell so hard, you have no idea, haha

Anyways, you can keep on trying to defend this god awful waste of time you call a map; I'm done arguing with little kids.

Ah, I see...

So you compare your interests to a pile of shit, is that how your attention was drawn to the map? Your mind is far off base and deluded to make such analogies toward my maps and your attention span. I also can make the assertion that you defend your ability to AGD maps with only making attempts on the 'good' ones, not made from the 11 year old with down-syndrome, when in reality you just can't because you're skills at N are terrible.

You also must half ass most of what you do on a daily basis if you can't keep one submitted map to NUMA. Are you that uncomfortable with the fact that your maps are awful that you have to delete every single one?

It's interesting to see that you can argue and relate to an "11 year old child with down-syndrome," bringing up age is the most pathetic transparent defense, I'm glad to see that's all you're capable of.

P.S. Don't be so intimidated by a large amount of text, if you don't read all the way through and see this, I'll just assume you half ass read it and gave up mid way through.
to defend such an awful map. Your logic is flawed seeing as how I play every map and try to AGD every map that looks like it wasn't made by an 11 year old with down-syndrome. You can guess where this is going right?

Anyways, I've made maps before but always delete them, I'm just not made for mapmaking; but that doesn't mean I cant spot a pile of shit when I see one.


<3 to that darn_hippie.
Now i'm going to go back to studying.
"Just cause I don't have any maps that means I don't know a good one when I spot one?"

Here on NUMA the only way we can tell your expertise at N is your account statistics, being Total Maps, Rated Maps, and Bitesized Maps. (in my oppinion, even though Bitesized isn't on public account info) Any type of assumption of you knowing what a 'good map' going off of anything else is what it is, an assumption. Proof however, is that you don't have one single map submitted, one single reference, and that says a lot about you.

Since your map archive is zero, you either don't have the ability to create a interesting or impressive map of any sort/genre, or lack the motivation of creating a map and submitting, or you're so incompetent that you only vote on others maps.

Either way, I am going with straight proof which goes off your account statistics, and as far as referencing your voting capabilities, I would say you minus well have 0 votes on your account statistics, since that seems to fit your voting ability.

At any rate, don't vote on any of my maps again, 5/5, 0/5, or any number in between. My assertion is you understand N at all and I don't enjoy your pejorative votes cluttering my maps.


you suck

mrgy rocks

got it? ok, now go on with your life

Are you daft?

Just cause I don't have any maps that means I don't know a good one when I spot one?
it's the first. 4.5 for unused space. very good.
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i fall under the 0 bitesized maps category, so i got nothin to say haha
When I found out how those thwumps worked my brain exploded.


Says you with 0 bitesized, 0 rates, 0 MAPS?

It's called multi accounting, and not looked upon as a good thing.

Don't 0 my maps, go bother someone else.


making bad maps like this. Thanks!
Didnt finish it lol, but im still going for it

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But I got owned with a stupid jump at the end.
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I worked hard on this map, thanks a bunch.

(I always thrive for a rating / size and never shun when it doesn't happen the way I want it)


i hate to give you a size, when it probaly doesnt mean anything anymore, and young authors thrive for one. But this is just shitting good.