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Author Yahoozy
Tags author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-01-14
Last Modified 2008-01-14
by 22 people.
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Description Proceeds the Weedian – Nazareth!

I discovered this yesterday. It breaks your head.

This map was featured on 2010-02-08

While this map may only be brilliant because it's based on travelling around the edges of a large crucifix-swastika with a pleasant Jesus still on it (and what this might be saying I'm not too sure), it also has many other admirable aspects. The innovative launchpad design calls for foresighted playing, and although the map contains the same elements of many other Yahoozy levels, it somehow doesn't feel as claustrophobic or as tedious as the rest of his maps (and I mean that endearingly). Overall, this is a very unique level in Yahoozy's collection SO CHECK IT THE FUCK OUT — skyline356

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cool. confusing.

I've played this heaps of times before though, surprising i haven't left a proper comment. It's funny how hard it is to get used to the swapped directions
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Demo Data


One of the greatest maps in NUMA, if not the best.

this map is scary

i like it a lot

the best of yahoozy


cool kid,


epic 19 features

good job
they're upside down because he's a dopesmoker.
really nice. really.
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this is funny because me and my friends just took some pot yesterday



This is a good map.

I like that is reminds me I need to get that album.


goddamn i would bitesize this /so/ /hard/

only thing i didnt like was how you made the jumppads look backwards. it wasnt necessary and it was confusing, but the jumppad placement was crucial to the gameplay. anywho, 5. best yahoozy map i've ever played. tiles are amazing too. the guy in the thumb attracted me to the map in the first place.
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Do you listen to Sleep?

Wait, wait.

You people are -still- saying "bitesize worthy?"

No ;_;

I don't like it!



oh my holy God.

the jump pads are everything. they make you think. awsome gameplay. God.
one of your best IMO.

doesnt feel

bitesize worthy at all.
The launch pads spoil this for me.


I love the concept.
Or the jump pads. /Especially/ the jump pads.



smell a bitesize,
good jorb


sweet map