Luminous Yellow!

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Author duben
Tags author:duben bitesized flowy race rated
Created 2007-11-07
Last Modified 2007-11-07
by 28 people.
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Description again, collab of In_dub and B3njamin


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to see newma on this page is in_dub.

How depressing is that?


love it.

hey in_dub... hows the level? 4.5/5aved


Great flow + length + action
the intended path.
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me liked.

it made me feel all warm and tingly inside. the flow was especially good. 4.5aved

Non-flow Completion

Although this was not as fun to make as a flow demo, for the record, these two doors don't block the trigger. However, cool level when played as intended.
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Slightly faster

I love the gold patterns. Adds a sense of randomness to the level. 4.5
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5'ed actually

because it seems you've been sniped, and really, this is ridiculously good!
I am so stoked! Great flow, Nice look to it, some fun and unusual gameplay aspects, my kind of gold placement.. this map had everything. 4.5 and faved.
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woot its sized!

GJ In_dub!



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instead of duben
I'm too laggy